03 Apr 2019

LOUPE EXCLUSIVE: What is Sustainable Jewellery Design in a Commercial World? - Curated talk by The Fabrick Lab founder Elaine Yan Ling Ng


What is Sustainable Jewellery Design in a Commercial World? This seminar is in conjunction with the Weave exhibition that draws new values and meaning from multidisciplinary jewellery and textile design.

Elaine Ng, founder of The Fabrick Lab will share her experiences working with Guizho villagers and the UN/FOLD heritage research initiative.   Together they are prototyping a new eco system: How to integrate heritage craft material back into a design supply chain, in small scale products and can be potentially fit into the e-commerce platform. This is to make global awareness that heritage craft still has  its value in the modern society and should not be fade out nor neglected.   If we want a heritage craft skill we must keep it popular. Product ecology is an entire supply chain, it’s being alive or dead is not to be determined by one person but by one system- it’s a collaborative effect and as a designer how can we educate consumer via our design practise and collaboration?  

Elaine Ng has been a past speaker for TED Talks Series, as well as provides seminars overseas to share her background as a eco-friendly designer and entrepreneur. This is the first time she will hold a seminar at Loupe.

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