24 Oct 2021

Self Discovery Session - Inner Self Guidance Crystal Bracelet Workshop

Self Discovery Session - Inner Self Guidance Crystal Bracelet Workshop

In modern society, everything in our daily life is constantly changing. Whenever a decision is to be made, people will inevitably feel hesitated and lost. However, most of the time, when you calm down with no distracting thoughts, there will always be a sure voice to guide you, let us learn to listen to our hearts carefully. "Only do what your hearts tells you. ” - Princess Diana Through this workshop, the instructor will lead the participants to a breathing exercise session, so that everyone could have a moment with themselves and a space to be alone. During the exercise, participants could clear their mind and thoughts, listen closely to their inner self, which leading to deeper self understanding and guiding to all kinds of wisdom in life . Furthermore, the instructor will be introducing the different energies of crystal stones and finding the stone that could give oneself energy in it. By setting the chosen stone for the bracelet, the bracelet itself could encourage and remind participants to listen to their own hearts and living out their true selves. Bench Skills: From annealing, forming, welding, filing of metal to basic crystal stone cold settings and connections to polishing of the metal parts

Finished Product: Silver / Copper Ring Circle Bracelet with Crystal Stone 



About The Instructor

Loupe Residency Designer – Iris Chan


Graduated from California State University majoring in graphic design and illustrations, and later completed the professional designated program in jewellery design at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), California, Iris Chan has started to work in graphic and creative design fields since returning to Hong Kong.

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