23 Jan 2021

Pink Love Knot Ring Workshop

Pink Love Knot Ring Workshop

Hand-make a Valentine' Day present to your loved ones, we offer a new pink version of the Love Knot Ring workshop. Using copper to make a pink version of the Love Knot Ring to make a romantic gift. Participants will learn how to use a copper wire without any soldering to make a ring. It is easy and fun! Participants will also learn basic techniques such as annealing, bending and polishing. Come & join!

Finished Product: One Pink Love Knot Ring



About The Instructor

Loupe Residency Designer - Janus Ng


Janus was a former Senior Designer at SWAROVSKI. To further enrich her life experience, she travelled and studied in Europe, obtaining inspiration for her creations by observing the coexistence between people of different cultures, faiths and social systems. Her jewellery brand integrates oriental and western cultures, philosophies, materials and techniques to express different messages via her jewellery pieces. She employs unusual materials to illustrate the “True Value of Beauty” of the elements in her designs, which unveil the UNIQUE characteristics of their wearers. 

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