06 Apr 2019

Copper and Brass Butterfly Brooch


Insects have long fascinated scientists with their physical structure. Artists and designers also are captivated by the aesthetics of their shape and form. Many famous jewellers such as Rene Lalique and Wallace Chan are inspired by insects. This workshop will combine natural history with jewellery making. Participants will learn basic metal techniques to create an animal brooch. The tutor is a professional goldsmith jeweller, and will share these skills with participants to have a hands on experience with jewellery making. Participants will create a butterfly for their brooch design. They will learn how to include one moving element into their design to make the brooch more lifelike. The class will take place on workbenches.  

Finished Product: One Copper and Brass Butterfly Brooch. 

About The Instructor : LOUPE RESIDENCY DESIGNER- Seth Carlson

Seth is a goldsmith and silversmith from the United States. He has always believed that being a craftsperson and being altruistic are synonymous, and therefore considers giving back to the community an essential part of mastering a craft.

Details: https://www.loupe.com.hk/en/designers/Seth-Carlson

* A complimentary $100 Loupe Teahouse cash voucher will be offered per pax for enrolment in this workshop. 

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