Carmen So


So Ka Man (Carmen) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019. She practiced metalsmithing during her studiesand worked in an event design firm and a museum. She established the brand “Stone Whisper” in 2021 to pursue further experimentation in jewellery making.


Carmen explores the theme of femininity and life appreciation with elegant designs. She wishes to challenge stereotypes and finds inspiration through different relationships in her life, especially her own relationship with the natural world. Carmen's work shows her appreciation to nature and the value of life. She integrates natural elements into her works through goldsmith craftsmanship, revealing the primitive value of life and the beauty of the natural world, which would be easy to ignore in a modern city. She tries to give new value and life to insignificant elements through her imaginationTurning something easy to leave behind into a precious item to remind the primitive value of life.


She believes that contemporary jewellery art practice reflects on self and social phenomena. She believes that various accessories worn on the body have unique meanings. It represents a special moment, occasion, friendship or family, the relationship between the wearer and the jewellerydesigner or even the relationship between the wearer to the wearer’s own body. Jewellery are not only precious decorative items, they contain many stories. This makes the design of jewellery much more unique.

Carmen’s wearable items showcased in Full Moon Reunion-“A Pilgrimage Into Nature exhibition”, Hong Kong (2021)
Carmen So's work

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