Yukki Hui


Yukking came from a family of jewellers and having the privilege of being exposed to an endless amount of jewelleries and all things design from her early childhood has forged her going down the artistic path. The designer takes creative cues from her upbringing, having lived in the UK most of her life. With a strong jewellery background, coupled with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design from London College of Fashion and a Master’s Degree in Luxury Jewellery Management from Birmingham City University, Yukking is on a quest to bring about change in today’s jewellery circles. Having studied in one of the best design universities in the world has taught Yukking the concept of design and how to transform ideas into reality. Nevertheless, it has also influenced her designs which are contemporary yet classic. 


Yukking has started her jewellery brand -  Ikku Fine Jewellery in 2020 to provide consumers with a reasonably priced fine jewellery line of contemporary designs. She is always trying to implant the idea of buying quality jewellery you are investing in your future to all of her customers. Unlike clothes, all of Yukking’s pieces are crafted from 18K gold adorned with a combination of diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls that can be passed through the generations or recycled to create new contemporary pieces. She takes pride in creating jewellery from the finest materials that her customers will also be proud of. Yukking’s pieces are often inspired by the natural world, nature is constantly reminding us of its beauty every day and Yukking’s goal is to capture that in all of her pieces and transform it into a piece of wearable art. 

Yukki Hui's work

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