Luzette Chung


Luzette, Founder and Designer of the independent jewellery brand "Minimallery". Her brand is founded in 2019 with 2 concepts - "Minimalism" and "De-traditionalism" with her designs.


Designing jewelleries with natural pearls and gems following their formless shape, making each piece to a ‘one-of-a-kind’ and irreplaceable creation. The creation may not look ‘perfect’ according to traditional jewellery, but Luzette does not chase after perfection. Conversely, ‘Imperfection’ is the perfect form to present the most beautiful, and so this thought applies on us – We are imperfect but beautiful self - Individuals.


Luzette was born and raised in Hong Kong, and studied in Chicago, USA. She is an enthusiastic and unfettered Sagittarius, being casual but working decisively. She looks forward to doing everything by herself. She wishes her jewellery to bring out deliverable ‘messages’ and another kind of ‘value’ to all, as well as to show her hard work of delicate craftsmanship.

Luzette Chung's work

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