Frank Leung


Leung Yau Ming, Frank, graduated from the Department of Plastic Arts, Dayeh University, Taiwan, majoring in metal craftsmanship. During the extracurricular period, he studied Kintsukuroi and fashion design. During an internship at a clothing design company, he discovered the uniqueness of jewellery, which is not only gorgeous and dazzling, but also contains the designer's mind and heritage, thus he slowly developed into the jewellery industry.


Frank thinks jewellery is ever-changing, and architecture, sculpture, painting and every leaf and wood in nature can be represented in jewellery. His work is mainly inspired by people, events and substances. His work uses the combination of different mediums and materials to craft, combining the extraordinary creativity of the designer with the mysterious and colorful gemstones, attaching a unique meaning to the jewellery. What each piece of jewellery carries is the communication between the designer and the wearer. The designer gives the jewellery a soul, the wearer gives the jewellery the radiance. 

Frank Leung's work

Loupe's Design Residency Programme is a comprehensive mentoring programme with industry experts from the established Chow Tai Fook Jewellery, specially created for jewellery designers who wish to elevate their career and skills to the next level. During the period of mentorship, designers-in-residence can expect to develop their skills and capabilities in jewellery design in the fully-equipped environment at Loupe.

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