Andrea Lau & Sam Chan


Andrea and Sam are accessories designers from the architectural industry. Andrea is a chartered architect, and Sam is an architectural designer. Given the past years of immersion in the architectural field, they find human experience to be the most fundamental element in architecture. What differentiates architecture and jewelry design is the scale, accessories are to beautify human parts and hence also to enhance user’s experience. After committed to the client-based environment for several years, they aspire to make a difference in the world of accessories design and started their own brand - Kinks Lab in mid-2021.

With their knowledge in 3D modeling, they adopt goldsmithing as a methodology in production. With injection of technology, their design philosophy is to prove that technology impacts culture - positively. To start and continue Kinks Lab, they build the roots and salute to a form of architecture - blobitecture. Blobs, instead of emphasizing on the fluidity of objects, manifests the aggregation of objects that expose the limit in wax carving. Blob series are to test the possibilitiePs between traditional craftsmanship and technology. Without solely adopting either, Andrea and Sam experiment on the form with technology to create bold, contemporary and experimental jewelry that strive to trigger dialogues among people - this is the ultimate user’s experience they want to bring upon.

Andrea Lau & Sam Chan's work

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