15 Dec 2019

Aromatic Wooden Necklace Workshop


This workshop teaches how to make beautiful and sustainable high-end pieces of jewellery from wooden, glass and ceramic beads, metal accessories, and paint materials. Participants will blend their exclusive aroma with 5 basic essential oils according to their needs ( basic essential oil knowledge will be given ) to make an aromatic necklace made with mixed media beads and their own blended essential oil. The tutor will introduce different methods and patterns to combine all the materials together. Metal accessories will also be used to compliment the finished product.  

Finished Product: Aromatic necklace made with beads in wood, glass, and ceramic.

About The Instructor : LOUPE RESIDENCY DESIGNER- Glori Tsui

Glori Tsui is a Hong Kong based designer who studied, worked and lived in various cities around the world. Glori believes that each person has their own way to express their unique aesthetics and lifestyle. As a designer Glori asserts that a product can only be good when it is both internally and externally appealing.  

Details: https://www.loupe.com.hk/en/designers/Glori-Tsui

Target Audience 14+

Language Cantonese / English

* Includes material cost and a complimentary $100 Loupe Teahouse.

* Participants are required to print their tickets or show their e-tickets after enrollment. Please arrive 15 mins before the session, with your tickets at our reception.

* Upon registering for any of Loupe's workshops or courses, you become a Loupe member.