15 Aug 2019

Busting the Myths of Lab Grown Diamonds From a Retailer’s Point of View Seminar


Meet the new kid on the block – lab grown diamonds!  A hot topic in the jewellery industry Lab Grown diamonds are quickly transforming how people value diamonds.  Participants will learn how Lab Grown diamonds will be placed in the jewellery industry over the next few years. They will also have a chance to see a range of diamonds up close with a microscope and learn to tell the difference between natural vs. lab grown ones. The seminar is taught by a professional diamond designer who will share facts and insights about the future of the diamond industry. It will be an interesting and lively discussion -perfect for everyone interested in diamonds and new technology!

About the speaker

Niyati Kapadia

 Niyati Kapadia is a fashion graduate from Parsons University in New York City, with a strong family background in the diamond industry. The bespoke, personalized service she provides gives access to both her network within the industry and the insights she has gained into the variety of diamond jewellery available.  

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