30 Jan 2019

The Power of Paraiba Tourmalines-Curated Talk by Tayma Page Allies, Founder of Tayma Fine Jewellery


In the world of gemstone history the Paraiba Tourmaline is still in its infancy stage. The gemstone was only discovered in the Brazil State of Paraiba in the 1980's, and yet has quickly become one of the most aesthetically sought after gemstones available. Paraiba Tourmalines are celebrated for their brilliant color that perfectly captures the same turquoise blue found in oceans or icebergs. Tayma Page Allies is a professional jewellery designer who has lived in HK for over 3 decades. She is one of the first people to have introduced Paraiba Tourmalines to the HK/China market. This talk will discuss how a gemstone is "discovered", and the significance this can have on the jewellery profession. At a mere 38 years old the Paraiba Tourmaline has so much to teach people!

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