09 Dec 2018

Personalized Pendant with Textured Silver


This workshop will introduce students to the many possibilities of textures on a silver surface. The focus will be on different techniques to obtain interesting effects on our jewellery in order to create a unique personalized piece, spacing from surface treatments to hammering, to color control of the silver. Participants will complete one  silver pendant after choosing a texture and adapting it to their taste.  

Finished Product: One silver pendant.

About The Instructor :

Alessia Prati is an Italian jewellery designer and maker graduated from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Firenze. With a background in fashion design at Politecnico di Milano she previously worked as a fashion and graphic designer for Italian and international companies. Mixing contemporary jewellery research and couture she creates a dialogue between the spaces of the human body, the gestures and movements.                      

* A complimentary $100 Loupe Teahouse cash voucher will be offered per pax for enrolment in this workshop.  

* Participants are required to print their tickets or show their e-tickets after enrollment. Please arrive 15 mins before the session, with your tickets at our reception.  

* Upon registering for any of Loupe's workshops or courses, you become a Loupe member.