08 Dec 2018

Jewellery Casting With Cuttlefish Bone


This workshop is dedicated to casting with cuttlefish bone. Participants are required to bring small metal objects and rings to make the casting copies in the cuttlefish bone. They will choose one small object or an already existing simple ring, learn how to make a mould out of cuttlefish bone and prepare the casting for the fusion. Alternative casting possibilities such as sand casting, casting in wood, casting in charcoal will be addressed. All participants will have the opportunity to create two or three fusions.

Finished product: Total of 2 tin-casted jewellery accessories. The pieces are ready to bring home after the workshop.

About The Instructor :

Zeyun Chen obtained her BA (Hons) degree in Jewellery Design and Related Products at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University in 2016 and finished her Master’s degree in Jewellery Design & Gold- and Silversmithing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium in 2018. Her jewellery was on display at Salima Thakker Gallery in Antwerp in 2018, and her work had also been exhibited over the past few years at London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week as well as Munich Jewellery Week.                        

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