12 Nov 2018

The Social Responsibility of a Designer – A Curated Talk by Jewellery Designer Désirée Kolarec


A designer´s mission is to change the world for a better place. Désirée believes that action starts with small steps, that gradually lead towards more significant ones. Jewellery is a tool that manifests great ideas to become reality. This talk will provide an analysis about the social role of the Designer and the responsibility they have as creators of objects of beauty and function.  To create something that matters to you and others, you need to understand what motivates you and what do you believe in. This talk asks the pivotal question “What would you like to share with the world?”  

This seminar is part of "Loupe Talk Series", a special line-up of guest speakers in the jewellery and design industry who will share their experience with the public. 

About The Speaker :

Désirée Kolarec is a London-based Slovenian jewellery designer who has trained at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, the University of Arts and Design Linz, and at the renowned Royal College of Art. Over the last seven years, she has used her designs to express her personal beliefs and tell stories of enlightenment. Clean and bold shapes define her style and her character.  She is working as a Jewellery Designer for the biggest jewellery manufacturer in Southeast Europe Zlatarna Celje, producing jewellery since 1844. She is currently a Designer-in-Residence at Loupe for the Fall residency.

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