14 Oct 2018

Be a Coppersmith Workshop


We believe people are connected by experiencing happy moments together. At this workshop, participants can design, polish and engrave their names or words that best represent themselves onto metal accessories. Our aim is to let everyone create a unique memory with their beloved during our jewellery workshop, and turn these memories into a beautiful piece of jewellery that can become an everyday accessory they can wear.

Finished Product: copper ring / cuff bracelet

About The instructor:

Iris Kwong & Jathan Fong fell in love with metal work since 2014. They visited the Taipei Art Park in Taiwan learning basic metal work skills from a goldsmith and successfully created their first silver ring. Later, they followed a senior goldsmith in Hong Kong to further study metal work skills for almost six months. During the study, they also went to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to learn from a goldsmith artist and further enhancing their skills in metalworking. They founded Back Column Hit Gold to share their appreciation for metal work.  

*Includes material cost and one Jewellery Delicacy tea set provided by Loupe's Teahouse.

*Participants are required to print their tickets or show their e-tickets after enrollment. Please arrive 15 mins before the session, with your tickets at our reception.

*Upon registering for any of Loupe's workshops or courses, you become a Loupe member.