18 Aug 2018



Weaving was an essential part of one's life to meet the surviving needs 27000 years ago. Zoe believes machine should not dominate our hands. "We have got dexterous hands and why don't we just slow down to feel and create, try to get rid of fast-paced lifestyle?" In this workshop, kids are taught to make a simple paper loom to weave by hands with provided textile materials. Crisscrossing those yarns and strings creates a good-looking grid pattern in a while, and this basic and fun weaving idea can encourage them to create their unique accessories pieces.

Finished product: woven textile into accessories of one's own pattern

Zoe Siu is a Hong Kong-based knot artist and designer, known for her bold, sculptural accessories and striking ropework installations. Weaving together traditional craftsmanship with inventive design, Zoe’s creations are both sophisticated yet playful, contemporary yet timeless. In 2011, Zoe founded the accessories label ZOEE. She has since created a diverse range of innovative, knot- inspired jewellery collections, attracting stockists from major cities across Asia.

*Includes material cost and one Jewellery Delicacy tea set provided by Loupe's Teahouse.

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