15 Aug 2018



GIA's August seminar is a detailed study of spinels and peridots. These particular gemstones hold a special place in jewellery design, for their origins are as fascinating as their physical properties. Famous spinels include the "Black Prince's Ruby" and the "Timur Ruby" used as part of the British Crown Jewels. Peridots are recognised for their alluring green color, but few people know that this gemstone can also be found in meteorites that landed on earth many millions of years ago. The seminar will provide an in-depth look and participants will leave with newfound knowledge about these gemstones.

GIA is a nonprofit institute dedicated to research and education in the field of gemology and the jewelry arts. GIA's instructors share their professional expertise and indepth knowledge on gemstones and minerals. 

*Includes one Jewellery Delicacy tea set provided by Loupe's Teahouse.

*Participants are required to print their tickets or show their e-tickets after enrollment. Please arrive 15 mins before the session, with your tickets at our reception.

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