10 Oct 2019

Introduction to Pink Gemstones Seminar


This seminar celebrates pink gemstones and introduces the many different varieties that exist in the world. From pink sapphires and pink diamonds to pink tourmalines and pink garnets, there are so many beautiful pink gemstones located throughout the world and this seminar will introduce each and every of them in detail! The tutor is a professional jeweller and specialiszes in colored gemstones. Real samples and microscopes will be available to provide participants with better insight into the vast variety of pink gemstones known to mankind. This is the perfect seminar for all individuals who love the color pink, gemstones, and learning more about the world around them!

* A complimentary $100 Loupe Teahouse cash voucher will be offered per pax for enrolment in this seminar. 

* Participants are required to print their tickets or show their e-tickets after enrollment. Please arrive 15 mins before the session, with your tickets at our reception.  

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* No Refund.