Enjoy the best of Western and Japanese cuisines served at the teahouse. Here, you can give yourself a moment of respite and savour a selection of premium teas, special mocktails, pastries and cakes inspired by the art of craftsmanship.


Our selection of imported French organic teas, including “LØV is Beautiful” and “LØV is Zen” which are exclusive to Loupe, will delight your taste buds with elegant, mellow floral fragrances and delicate traces of sweetness.

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Take some time out during your relaxing afternoon at Loupe to try out our aromatic coffees, each crafted from blends specially prepared by local brand Bloom. It is said that the beans are roasted by Moses Chan himself! Every cup of coffee is served with a Rosemary Twist adorned with golden linseeds, infusing a hint of rustic charm.

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Personally prepared by Loupe’s head chef, all our dishes utilise fresh ingredients sourced from local organic farms. Our menu features cuisines from four different countries, enabling you to create gastronomic combinations that best suit your appetite.

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Homemade Pasta ai Fruttidi Mare – Absolutely Fresh

Our Italian Seafood Pasta is prepared using fresh marine produce purchased from local markets daily. You will fall in love with the combination of natural ocean flavours and al dente pasta at the first bite!

Trio Sōmen - Vegetarian Option

Healthy vegetarian noodles which come in five vibrant colours, accompanied with crispy tempura and a refreshing kelp miso soup, make for a meal that is good for the body without compromising on flavour.

Loupe Delight (Strawberry) – Happiness in a Bite

Our fluffy, eggy pancakes, served with Korean strawberries and whipped cream, are guaranteed to take you to Seventh Heaven.


Each of our bedazzling desserts tells a story of jewellery craftsmanship, enabling you to feel the artisans’ focus and passion with your palate.

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Gold Bar

This cheesecake wrapped in gold leaf symbolises the advent of pure gold jewellery. The flavour packed in this shimmering 999.9 bullion bar is worth its weight in gold.

Blue Gems

An apricot mousse cake covered in glistening white chocolate, accompanied by an adorable ring, this dessert represents sincere affection.

Ruby Temptation

Meticulous craftsmanship has given rise to this strawberry gem cake. Butterflies drawn by its sweet and tart aroma hover and frolic nearby.

White Pearl

The combination of green tea, yuzu citron and pineapple creates a flavour unique to this pearl cake. It is also a metaphor for the jewellery industry’s spirit of heritage – the anticipation of awaiting the talent within the shell to reveal itself and create treasures that dazzle like the pearl.