15 Jun 2020

Sinny Lam | Experiments with wood and other special materials, finding their unique beauty inside


Choosing to focus on handicrafts requires great courage. Choosing to establish a jewelry brand that creates handicraft designs requires not only courage, but also determination and perseverance.  

Hong Kong jewelry designer and craftsman Sinny Lam follows the path she likes and has never strayed from her destiny.

01 -【Wood】 Love Affair

Sinny has a keen sense of beauty. She has experienced with different materials like leather, glass, and ceramics to create unique works of wearable art. When she discovered wood she was hooked!

"When the wood is cut, it has thousands of different textures. Some textures are like eyes, like a person hiding inside and looking out; some textures are like different ripples, like waves ... When you wear it on your body it will feel like it fits you perfectly, it is very comfortable”, she said.

After finding out about wood she experimented heavily with the material. This led to a deeper understanding about “nature as a real luxury”, so she decided to use wood as main material in her jewelry so people could also appreciate the beauty of wood.  

In 2018 she founded her jewelry brand called “SinniS”. It is a combination of her name Sin together with living in a sinless world, therefore the brand name is aligned with her spiritual and artistic believes.

"Wood has its own value, it can bring people happiness, and it can also show its own personality. This cannot be replaced by other materials”, she explained.

She describes her design aesthetic as being "free, asymmetric, alien, and unrestrained”.  

Always experimenting with wood and inspired by the creative process, this energy naturally formed her style, for she found something that she enjoyed.

Sinny believes that the biggest difference between her jewelry and other designers is that her pieces are influenced by the materials she uses. She has been in the industry for only a short time, but due to her understanding about wood, the products she makes have more character and passion.

 If you look at her jewelry for the first time, you will understand how special each piece of jewelry can be and that it is difficult to find something else like it in the market. Even if her jewelry may look relatively large, they are actually very comfortable to wear.  

Sinner is a master craftsmen with wood.      

02 - Eye-opening jewelry world

Prior to joining Loupe’s Residency Program, Sinny was mainly only using wood to create her jewelry. Yu Zhouting, Head of Loupe’s Designer Residency and project director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, saw Sinny’s jewelry at a handicraft market. Ms. Yu believed these pieces of jewelry were bold in design and had boundless creativity, so she invited Sinny to join Loupe’s Residency Program.

It was destiny that led Sinny to enter the world of professional jewelry making.

Senior master craftsmen from Chow Tai Fook Studio shared their professional experiences at Loupe and taught metalworking techniques to the designers. For Sinny who was not familiar with traditional jewelry making, these tutorials were a great opportunity and expanded her knowledge in jewelry production.  

The master craftsmen together with Sinny discussed how to combine wood with other materials. She began to experiment with precious metals and gemstones and combine them with different types of expensive wood like mahogany and ebony to make the jewelry pieces more valuable. These different materials are now part of her jewelry collection.  

When Loupe organized an on-site visit for the designers to go to Chow Tai Fook’s Shunde Intelligent Manufacturing Center, Sinny was very impressed by the technology and size of the factory. This inspired her to think about how to improve and better operate her own jewelry brand.  

“As a handicraft designer we have put our efforts into every piece of work. But in the discussion with the master craftsman Chow Tai Fook, I realized that my work should be given its due value”, she said.

How to create sustainable jewelry is a question that every jewelry brand should think about. In just a few months Sinny could see the many possibilities that wood could offer when made into a piece of jewelry.  

03 - Play 【Wood】 Big World

To compete in a competitive jewelry market, Sinny decided to set her prices at reasonable amounts so the public can afford the jewelry without concerns. Therefore instead of using precious materials she uses 18 carat gold, semi-precious stones, and copper.

 "On the one hand, I hope that the product I made is unique and valuable, on the other hand, I want more people to see my work and like it, so I will balance the uniqueness and commercialization of the product, but Hand-made and original will definitely insist”, she explained.

 Source: NEWS Weekly