14 May 2018



Dutch artist/innovator Daan Roosegaarde initiated the Smog Free Project as a city innovation initiative to reduce urban pollution and explore possibilities for a clean future. He and his team of experts created the world's first smog vacuum cleaner “Smog Free Tower” to clean the air in public space. And with the compressed smog particles collected, he created the Smog Free Ring to commemorate every 1000 m3 of clean air produced for the city. Besides being part of the prestigious art collection of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Smog Free Ring is also much favoured by couples around the world as a wedding ring, giving additional significance to the lifelong commitment.

The limited-edition Smog Free Rings are now available for purchase in Hong Kong exclusively at Loupe (HK$2,500 each). To support the cause of environmental protection and sustainability, Loupe will donate HK$500 to the Green Council for each Smog Free Ring sold in the Boutique.

Green Council