2021.12.04 - 2022.01.09

Semicolon in Life


“A semicolon is used when a sentence could have been ended; but you chose to keep going. “

Life is full of endless possibilities; it is always our choice to decide where to go. 

Rather than putting a full-stop, a semicolon is a beautiful symbol of not giving a definite ending in our thought and life. 

This reminds us there are always spaces for us to give a chance to discover the potential pathway from where we feel hopeless or despair. 

Inspired by this concept, we try many different ways to give another “life” to the material that people think should have ended. We use our hands to add another value to them. We enjoy sharing this message through our upcycling work, and hopefully, they can give a little bit of strength and courage to others to go through their uneasy tasks in their life.

Keep the faith; Keep going; keep loving yourself and the universe; 

Hope you can be open to all the possibilities life offers and be brave to chase what you want to do.