2021.10.01 - 2021.10.29

Image Pro x Loupe Micro-film Project


It is the first pilot project of Image Pro and Loupe to shoot a micro-film advertisement. Loupe's philosophy is to preserve traditional craftsmanship and cultivate young jewellery designers and craftsmen, while Image Pro's mission is to explore the potential of young people and train up future producers. We believe that young people have different ideas and talents. Through this collaboration, students' creativity is no longer remaining within their imaginations only, but becomes an actual advertisement production.

While students were writing the script, Loupe assisted in arranging interviews with jewellery designers and craftsmen, so that students could understand the thought process of designers. Students also had the opportunity to observe the craftsmanship of jewellery making and the process of jade polishing. During the shoot, they received professional technical guidance from Loupe and were provided with jewellery and other props, and venues to use for shooting. This rare joint experience not only gave students the experience in communicating with customers, when the innovation of young people collide with the solid experience of customers, it unknowingly stimulates each other in a powerful way and create sparks.

Loupe and Image Pro also believe in creativity and potential. By encouraging young people to "dream", the collective imagination and ideas will merge and converge in the same sky, allowing young people to shine.