2021.06.02 - 2021.06.30

Fantasia - A Jewellery Art Exhibition


Loupe’s designer-in-residence, Janus Ng, collaborates with watercolour artist, Choy Yat Chun Anthony, to create a beautiful collection of jewellery pieces made of cold clay, embellished with splashes of pastel watercolours. 

Coloured ornaments have long appeared in Chinese history, in fact, they are found in artifacts spanning across dynasties. You can find them in decorated ceramics, as well as historical Chinese architecture. Coloured ornament is a decorative art, it is also a cultural heritage that is passed on to generations.

This collaboration blends together the art of watercolour and jewellery. Coupling western watercolour art with traditional jewellery craftsmanship, it blurs the lines of the different areas within art, and births the first watercolour jewellery art exhibition.

Flowers of the four seasons are the main theme of Fantasia, they are designed as multiple kinds of accessories to show off its beauty in different ways. Janus puts together her creativity and innovation with the watercolour flowers painted by Anthony, and creates exquisite jewellery art pieces that elegantly echoes with nature.