2020.11.01 - 2021.12.31

Experience the Silk Road


Loupe presents Experience the Silk Road – a Dunhuang Inspired Jewellery Exhibition featuring designs by Loupe Designers-in-Residence. Known for its ancient grottoes and historical significance as one of the trade cities along the Silk Road, Dunhuang is a place that is rich and diverse in history, art and culture. Designers incorporate the essence and characteristics of the traditional Chinese culture of Dunhuang into their modern designs to create unique jewellery pieces in this exhibition.

This jewellery series debuted at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair in 2019 and was exhibited in several major cities in China subsequently as a touring exhibition. The collection of jewellery returns to Hong Kong and is exhibited at Loupe. An online preview was also released on Loupe’s website in April 2020 for the glance at our residency designers' masterpiece that best manifests the craftsmanship of modern designers and traditional Chinese artisans.