2020.10.24 - 2020.12.31

Commemorative Memories - Something they can hold onto: Devil Claw's New Product Launch & Jewellery Exhibition


Loupe proudly presents “Commemorative Memories”, a new product launch and jewellery exhibition of Devil Claw Jewellery, by Loupe’s very own residency designer, Ronald Chan. Devil Claw Jewellery will be unveiling some of its newest products and showcasing various collections and exclusive pieces. 

Every chapter of our lives tells a story that is unique to ourselves. No two experiences are the same for anyone despite subtle similarities or circumstances. The end of one chapter leads to the next one, there is no going back, only forward. Similarly, no two designs are alike, and each jewellery piece is personalized with unique stories and expectations, tailor-made to display each individual’s value, philosophy and passion, and transformed into something they can physically hold onto.