2020.05.29 - 2020.07.31

The Begin of Darkness Brightness - Moldflip’s Solo Exhibition about Concrete and Brass


“玄黃 Xuanhuang” is the color of the beginning world in Chinese myth, is the beginning of everything. Artists focus on the monochromatic of cement and the dazzle of brass as metaphors for the Heaven and the Earth. To sense the indescribable beauty, from the earth begins to be emerged from chaos; from the mixed black and yellow; from the fusion of concept and material.

Joe Ma and Mig Lau are the lead artists of Moldflip Studio, they believe “concrete” is mostly associated with buildings – massive and cold. They hope this material can be better misunderstood, that it can also be subtle and personal. Concrete’s grey is the best agent for different depths and hues of space. Its disposition varies sensitively with the environment (e.g. temperature and humidity). Seeing through unexpected outcomes, coming up with better concrete solutions… Joe and Mig graduated from Architecture School, they find their passion beyond profession, by diving deep into the minute details and unlimited possibilities. First fascinated by the texture and temperature of concrete, then mesmerized by every handmade creation. Pursuit of beauty in concrete is the motivation behind their constant quest for innovative expressions of the material.