15 April 2022

Art | Journey | Story


Art | Journey | Story 


A lifelong pursuit and creation of art; a varying reflection of experiences and emotions that transcends through time; a tale from within, performed by ceramic, glass, and metal.

About the artist - DoDo Chan

Do Do Chan, has taken root in the jewellery education sector for 30 years. She worked wholeheartedly to cultivate nearly 10,000 professionals that are much needed in Hong Kong’s jewellery industry. She is dedicated in developing a professional jewellery curriculum in Hong Kong with the attitude and spirit of a pioneer, and witnessed the professional development of the industry, attracting the younger generation to join the industry and contributing to the sustainable development of the industry in Hong Kong. She also provides academic and technical guidance to students by serving as an expert advisor in jewellery competitions, giving students the opportunity to compete with the world's top young professionals on the same stage and help them achieve good results. 
She devotes herself to her career with sincerity, dedication and benevolence. She is an educator and also a creator. This exhibition comprises 3 chapters, namely “Art”, “Journey” and “Story”. Through the exhibition of nearly 50 pieces of artwork at different times, the exhibition will showcase her life trajectory and artistic exploration. During the exhibition period, she will cooperate with Loupe to conduct a series of jewellery workshops to arouse the public’s interest in jewellery, to pass on and promote the culture and craftsmanship of jewellery, contributing to the industry continuously.