2019.08.03 - 2019.09.25

Oriental Dreamland


Loupe presents 'Oriental Dreamland', a solo exhibition by award-winning jewellery designer - Sun Chin, who specializes in art-rich oriental cultural jewellery and received fame as a ‘Jewellery Poet’. Sun Chin creates unique pieces by combining Chinese elements with the original characteristics of flowers, birds, fish, insects and other natural materials. Her poetic masterpieces lead the wearer to the origin of the modern oriental aesthetic.

For this exhibition, six exclusive collections will be displayed which demonstrate a wide variety of craftsmanship and state of the art gold techniques. Sun Chin implemented the original "Molding" VIMO technology and the 360-degree three-dimensional gold inlay in her designs. The collections all represent Chinese aesthetics' theory of beauty, which includes poetry, painting and philosophy, just like a beautiful Chinese landscape painting.