2018.06.08 – 2018.07.03

Mariá Ignacia Walker: Solo Exhibition(Till 2018.07.03)


María is obsessed with the human body and how it changes over time. She is especially interested in the bodily losses and renewal of our body. Her work is the result of a dialogue with her body, created from the interaction with objects, amulets, installations and performances.  

Her pieces of art are objects that quietly give honour to the dead parts of the body, scenes of which we are protagonists every day, but we didn’t realize.  

At Loupe, María worked on a new collection. She is inspired by the constant movement of people. As she describes, “During my travels around the world, I have been able to discover hundreds of faces and gestures of different individuals that are engraved in my memory.” Since everything is constantly changing, she decided to immortalize and freeze all these faces and created a contemporary jewellery installation composed of “Hundred Ring Portraits”.

María Ignacia Walker obtained her first degree in Advertising at Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile, 2007. In October 2015 she graduated from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, tutored by artists Ruudt Peters and Jorge Manilla. She is currently living in Florence, Italy where she teaches in the institute Lorenzo de Medici, started her own jewellery brand MIW and works as an independent artist. 

Workshops by Mariá Ignacia Walker  

During her time in Hong Kong, Mariá will teach several unique workshops in Loupe. Workshops are bilingual (English / Spanish). Enrolment and more information available at http://www.loupe.com.hk/en/workshop

16 June 2018

Silver Animal Ring Workshop 

15 July 2018 

Jewellery Casting with Cuttlefish Bone

28 July 2018

Silver Ring Workshop (Two-Day Course)