2019.12.02 - 2020.01.14

IJDA x Loupe - Around The World: Hong Kong Designers


The International Jewelry Designer Association (IJDA) is a Hong Kong based platform to establish partnerships, share designs, and exchange industry know-how with members who come from around the world. IJDA’s mission is to collaborate closely with local and international designers to build up a jewellery community that celebrates their burgeoning talents. 

IJDA and Loupe are proud to work together for the 3rd time to bring together a group of creative voices who are breaking ground in their fields. IJDA X Loupe - Around the World: Hong Kong Designers features 5 designers who represent the diverse creativity and rich heritage that makes up Hong Kong as the jewellery capital of Asia.  

These 5 individuals each have their own fresh voice that presents jewellery making in a novel and exciting way. All jewellery in the exhibition is available for purchase. Guests will have the opportunity during the exhibition period to bring home a piece of wearable art created by the designers.