2019.03.01 - 2019.03.20

High Five: IAA x Loupe


“High Five” is globally recognised as a symbolic gesture of acknowledgment and celebration; this exhibition is the culmination of designers from Poland and Hong Kong coming together to acknowledge and celebrate the use of Natural Baltic Amber in jewellery design. Five award-winning Polish designers experienced in working with amber and having five very individual styles, join together with two Loupe Residency Designers from Hong Kong who have worked with Natural Baltic Amber for the very first time. Each piece of jewellery has been created by hand using traditional goldsmith techniques in the studios and workshops of the individual designers.

High Five is presented jointly by IAA, the International Amber Association, and Loupe in order to heighten awareness of Natural Baltic Amber and its use in modern design; visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to experience the essence of unique artisan design at its best. (Art to Wear).

Dorota Cenecka, Mariusz Gliwiński, Jacek Ostrowski, Sława Tchórzewska, Marcin Tymiński, together with Loupe Residency Designers, Ronald Chan and Kobo Sin.