2020.10.24 - 2020.11.25

AVA Studio Jewellery ── Jewellery works from HKBU Academy of Visual Arts 2020


Contemporary Studio Jewellery is a discipline under the Academy of Visual Arts at the Hong Kong Baptist University. This exhibition showcases works from seven recent graduates who use jewellery as their creative medium.

They started their exploration from traditional values of jewellery, and journeyed through issues that are dear to their heart. From childhood memories, to interpersonal relationships, environment issues, or to reevaluate their own value system, these graduates use their hands to transform materials into objects, expressing their views on these diverse subjects. These jewellery pieces are condensation of their thought processes.

Each of their work is unique, each telling a different story. They are, however, linked through the main thread of jewellery. Through this exhibition, audience will have a good glimpse at the vast possibilities in the creative medium of contemporary studio jewellery.