2018.08.10 - 2018.10.31

From Bombs to Beauty


Working with Cambodian artists, Emi & Eve turns decommissioned exploded ordnance and spent bullet castings into jewellery. The eye-catching accessories line is modern and inimitable, and made all the more fascinating with the use of natural gemstones sourced in Cambodia.

Founder of the brand Cassandra Postema has always been interested in working with individuals who need an income. As a designer she feels that she carried a certain responsibility towards the environment in the materials she chooses and towards the people that make her products. 

Landmine clean-up is essential to Cambodians’ safety and economic security. It is estimated that there are more than 4 million unexploded ordnance devices scattered across rural areas of Cambodia. A relic of the country’s violent Khmer Rouge rule starting in 1979, unexploded land mines still affect Cambodian people today. Emi & Eve supports those clean-up efforts by contributing a portion of its profits to female EOD units. At the same time they work closely with small-scale craftspeople, providing jobs and skills training to young adults.

The jewellery of Emi & Eve is all about celebrating positivity out of adversity – from bombs to beauty. If we can transform negative experience into positive outcome, the world will become a better place for everyone.

After winning the prestigious British Fashion Council NEWGEN award and exhibiting a previous womenswear line at London Fashion Week, Cassandra worked with brands across the fashion spectrum from catwalk to value in the UK and Hong Kong, before focusing on her passion for sustainable sourcing. 

You can purchase the jewellery of Emi & Eve exclusively in Loupe’s boutique.