Hei Tam


Born in 1996, TAM Tak-hei graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University and studied jewellery and metalsmithing in an exchange program in the US. 

Metalsmithing and jewellery making are TAM's main art practice. He is interested in spatial relationships and particularly objects that can change the perception of our surroundings. Tam's work thus focuses on space and architectural forms. Instead of creating large-scale sculpture, he adores the idea of "miniature", which captures the essence of forms in the most intimate setting. 

He considers jewellery as a small space—each piece of jewellery contains a space of its own. He interprets the essence of architecture, adopts the structure and details of certain architectural elements. His works could be displayed as a miniature/sculpture, while they could often be transformed into wearable pieces as well, thus the context changes depending on whether they are being displayed or worn.

He focuses on the transition from object to wearable, from life-size to miniature, from display to body, from overlooked to focused, from distanced to intimate.

Using the body as an architectural interface, he addresses the relationship and intimacy between architecture and humankind, making those ornaments of architecture become ornaments of the body and part of the body silhouette. Reminding us of our relationship with the artificial structures, creating an alternate intimacy between architecture and mankind.

The artist's works have been exhibited in art spaces in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. He is the recipient of Baptist University's Academy of Visual Arts(AVA) Award and the Gaffa Award for Excellence in Contemporary Jewellery.

Hei Tam's work

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