Aki Lau


Swinging between reality and fantasy is always the theme of Aki Lau’s jewellery creations, in order to reveal what human beings are and what we think they are. This is the reason for building her jewellery brand “LUNA LUNA” in summer 2019. Each jewellery piece is a fragment of her deep thoughts and emotions including all the goods and bads with no reservation. The self-taught metalsmith loves to integrate her various art skills such as paper cutting, painting, drawing, and photo-taking to create her dreamy yet fairytale-like jewellery.

Aki believes that human beings and all creatures in the world are born to be free. However, human arrogance disrupts the natural rules and balance. Humans think that they are on the top of the world because of evolution. Thus, all the best and worst things pour into our blue planet. However, a shift from materialism to postmaterialism created agendas such as freedom of speech, gender equality, and environmental protection becoming people’s top priority nowadays. It is actually the way back to the origin. Aki shows the cruel and beautiful sides of the human world and her sympathy towards it through her art, together with poems she write herself.

Aki Lau's work

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