Pilz AY


Pilz AY is a wearable object maker. She established the local brand, Pilz Schmuck, which means ‘Mushroom’s Jewellery. She is passionate in using a variety of materials in her creations. Through the experiments on metals and objects, she hopes to find out the possibilities of wearable objects. Starting from 2007, she joins the public exhibitions every year, including solo exhibition "Experiment: Travel of Light" in 2010, group exhibition "mmmmm…EXHIBITION” Hong Kong ↔ Sydney: TOURING EXHIBITION in Dec 2012 and Jan 2013, “Via HONG KONG“ exhibition in AME Gallery and JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair in Barcelona 2014, “YY9 Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibition, In Conversations with 100 local artists“ in 2015 and “Scents of Life Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition” in Hong Kong and Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2017.

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