Mima Pejoska


Mima was born and raised in Macedonia, where she discovered the passion for the crafts and began her career. She continued her studies in Italy, Germany and the USA to further develop herself as an artist. Each course she took and each place she visited taught her how to approach the world of jewellery differently. At the Institute of Anthropology, she researched jewellery as part of material culture; as a jewellery designer, she treated it as a powerful tool of adornment; and, finally, during her MFA in Jewellery and Objects, she handled jewellery as an art form conveying concepts and ideas for the first time.
Jewellery is her main form of expression, no matter if it's creating crochet pieces of stainless steel with silk and wool; digital designs for 3D printing; or conceptual projects that tackle our interest in the other side of the known forms of adornment. In the past couple of years, Mima has been working on exploring the field of jewellery from other aspects, viewing it other than solely an accessory. Among her most significant projects is the “The Stories of the Three Wanderers”, which explores various perspectives of relationships we build with each other through or with objects that surround us.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous shows and cities, including the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC, Savannah, Taipei, Atlanta, Berlin and Jerusalem; and has also been covered by prominent publications such as Time Magazine, The Guardian and Huffington Post. 

Currently, Mima works as an individual artist and designer on her brand collections; as well as a designer and consultant for jewelry companies.


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