Masahiro Nakata


Masahiro Nakata is a Japanese jewellery and object artist primarily use his self-developed 3D printer and computer programming.

He obtained his bachelor degree from the College of Technology, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Osaka Prefecture University. After graduation, he jumped straight into jewellery design, teaching himself wax modelling and making silver accessories. A few years later, he decided to study at the Goldsmith Department of the Itami College of Jewellery. He then participated in an exchange programme run by the Fachhochshule Düsseldorf (University of Applied Sciences).   

After studying in Germany and many years of experimenting, he started to discover his own design language. Masahiro wants to push the boundaries and uncover new methods in jewellery design. In order to achieve this, he combines his technical background with jewellery craftsmanship. He has built multiple computer programmes, and even his own 3D printers, to make the impossible possible. The forever curious designer is currently focussing on and experimenting with jewellery casting.  

Masahiro has participated in four editions of the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show organised by the Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers’ Association, and is also a guest teacher at Hong Kong Design Institute.

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Masahiro Nakata's work

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