Jathan Fong


Jathan is the co-founder of Back Column Hit Gold and a local Hong Kong metal jewellery artist. She believes that art is the only common language of mankind; therefore Jathan decided to give up on her legal career and started to follow experienced metalsmith masters in Hong Kong and Taiwan. She learnt traditional metalsmithing techniques and with the masters she found her believes and mission. 


Later she opened a studio in Hong Kong where she promotes metalsmith craftsmanship through her art pieces and workshops. Jathan’s expertise is to teach her students to create jewellery from scratch. By the creation of your own jewellery, Jathan believes that you also create joyful and special memories. Her greatest source of satisfaction is to connect people as well as to share the happiness of craftsmanship.  


Jathan’s design is simple and casual. She likes to use clean lines in combination with the unique colors of different metals. Her design reflects her character and gives the wearer a sense of calmness in life.

Jathan Fong's work

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