I Ting Hsieh


TINGsJEWELLERY is delicate, strong and with a little sprinkle of whimsy. Ting uses and combines her philosophical thinking and endless imagination in each of her creations. Her work is polished and clean; each piece stands alone as artwork or as an elegant adornment.

After finishing her BA in Philosophy and Advertising at National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taipei, Ting went to Italy to pursue her career in the jewellery industry. Florence, the city of Renaissance, was a beautiful place for Ting to immerse herself in art and fulfil her great passion for traditional craftsmanship. She spent three years there, dedicating all her time to learning Italian jewellery techniques. Ting’s professional training includes jewellery making, jewellery design, metal engraving and stone setting. 

Ting’s technical background enables her to explore endless possibilities in creating and designing jewellery. 

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Loupe's Design Residency Programme is a comprehensive mentoring programme with industry experts from the established Chow Tai Fook Jewellery, specially created for jewellery designers who wish to elevate their career and skills to the next level. During the period of mentorship, designers-in-residence can expect to develop their skills and capabilities in jewellery design in the fully-equipped environment at Loupe.

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