Chen Qiliang


Chen Qiliang is identified as a leader among a young generation of world-class jewellery processing talents. His unique craftsmanship, creativity and Innovation defines his success, winning numerous awards at the age of 22. 

.In 2017, he was recognized as the “Gold Industry Technical Expert” in the “China Gold Cup” 6th Precious Metal Jewellery Processing National Skills Competition; 

.In 2018, he entered the national training team and represented China in the world competition after he won first place in both Guangdong Province and National Preliminary Selection Contest; 

.In April 2019, he won second place in the Australian Global Skills Challenge; 

.In August 2019, he won the silver medal in the 45th World Skills Competition - Jewellery, setting the best score in China's jewellery processing project. 

As the representative of young forces in the industry, Qiliang demonstrated to the world the highest quality of Chinese craftsmanship among the new generation. In 2016, he joined Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Master Studio. Contemplating on ways to refine his craftsmanship, while exploring infinite creativity possibilities, he is committed to become a master in the jewellery industry. 

Chen Qiliang's work

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