Chailie Ho


Fashion designer Chailie Ho fell in love with jadeite at first sight because of its texture, its rich history in Chinese culture, and its important role in religious designs. Throughout time, traditional designs have enabled jadeite to transcend their physical appearance, bringing out the beautiful characteristics of each stone.  Chailie modernises and refines the classic art of jadeite for the modern generation by putting her own design signature in every step of the creative process. With the belief that every generation has its own iconic design philosophy, she began her journey by learning everything about jadeite from experts in the field.  

The Chinese name of Chailie’s brand derived from the billions of colours that radiate from jadeite. The designer pairs the stones with clean and bold lines, as well as gold-plated 925 silver. The result is a jewellery collection of simple and elegant pieces that capture this generation’s characteristics. Chailie uses natural Myanmar jadeite to offer customers the highest quality product.

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