Ava Chan


With great enthusiasm for artisanal skills of traditional metalsmith and over ten years of experience in jewellery design, Ava Chan devoted herself to become an apprentice of virtuosos in the nowadays rarely seen metalsmith atelier in Hong Kong, striving to promote traditional craftsmanship under the prevailing ambience of technology.

Ava firmly believes that jewellery is the witness of significant moments in life of the wearer. In her custom-made jewellery, she is merely an artisan with professional drawing, design and manual skills, which serve to fulfil clients’ expectations of a unique jewellery piece. Works from this series either process a sense of mystery or meticulously incorporate organic natural forms. In addition to bespoke jewellery, Ava is also establishing her own label with inspirations from Wabi-Sabi, Japanese aesthetics that advocates the beauty of imperfection.

Ava holds the internationally accredited diploma FGA (Fellow of the Gemmological Association) in gemmology. She was awarded Best of Show Prize in Open Group of the 17th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition and granted a course in Hiko Muzuno College of Jewellery in Japan sponsored by Hong Kong Japan Business Co-operation Committee. Her work and its photo were showcased during the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery show and Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show in Switzerland.

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