Aimee Lee


Aimee Lee is a Hong Kong based Jewellery designer and the founder of the designer jewellery brand, PARADEISOS. As a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America in Gemologist, Lee has profound interest in gemstones and believes that every piece of gemstone has its own individual uniqueness and personality.

Lee founded PARADEISOS to fulfil her dream of creating luxurious and unique jewellery art pieces crafted from natural gemstones with a competitive price. Citing influence from Lee’s studies at Le Arti Orafe in Italy, the main design concept of PARADEISOS is simplicity. Lee has also credited her innovation process to years of working experience in a High Jewellery team, and often incorporates dots, lines, geometric shapes and structures into her design for a refreshing twist. 

Standing out from the crowd by blessing a touch of delicateness in gemstone jewellery designs, PARADEISOS has an unique universal appeal that will prove its value through time.

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