26 Jun 2022

Classic Dot Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Classic Dot Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Classic Dot Sterling Silver Stud Earrings - This workshop will teach a variety of metalwork techniques. Through sawing, soldering, and polishing, participants can complete a pair of Dot Sterling Silver Stud Earrings in this workshop. Experience traditional metalwork while enjoying making jewellery by hand. 


Finished Product: One pair Dot Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Fee includes: Tutor fee afternoon tea coupon and materials fee



About The Instructor

Loupe Residency Designer – Marcella Leung


Marcella Leung likes bronze jewellery to bring out vintage style, recalling that the production process of each piece and collections has different meaning and satisfaction. In her work you will see that she also focuses on the connection between jewellery and body. Her jewellery, creates impressions, experiences and moods, to understand another beauty of recreating new shape of our body. Marcella creates pieces inspired by reshaping our body itself into abstract shapes. To reform, rework, refit, rethink beautiful jewellery pieces, in the meanwhile we also reshape our body with her jewellery pieces to create a new concept of beauty. She imagines bodies, which take space, which can grow, change, transform and extend. She transform the human body by using materials which lace up parts of the body, change the silhouette or influence in a different way the form of the body. In her collection, people need to put on my jewellery personally, to see and feel Beauty beyond Pretty from innermost being, through their experiences.


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