Mary Wong


Mary Wong is a Hong Kong-based multidisciplinary artist. Mary Wong completed her Master of Art at Middlesex University, London and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the City University of Hong Kong. Mary found the metal jewellery label "Soulotte" and an upcycling jewellery brand "Dopamine", in 2020 and 2011, respectively.

Mary seeks inspiration from nature and the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi. Mary found the increasingly dense urban area swallows up natural areas and undermine our connection to nature. Humans are alienated from nature and often forget we are part of nature. To bring people and nature closer together, Mary incorporated natural elements into her jewellery practices. She created pieces cast directly from plants or hand-carved the jewellery into a botanical form.

Drawing inspiration from the intriguing Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which focuses on appreciating the beauty in imperfection and the sense of authenticity that use and time leave behind, Mary created jewellery with natural, organic and raw elements. Her botanical-inspired jewellery aims to reconnect us with the beauty of nature.

In her upcycling jewellery brand "Dopamine", Mary transformed wasted paper into fine jewellery. She came up with her unique technique to strengthen the papers and turned them into durable and water-resistant jewellery. Her upcycling works have been featured and interviewed by more than 50 media channels, including Marie Claire, ELLE, Cosmopolitan. 

Mary Wong's work

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