Sun Chin is a two-time Gold Virtuosi for World Gold Council Jewelry Design, as well as the winner of the inaugural edition of the Chinese Jewelry Design Tian Gong Award. Since establishing her eponymous brand in 2015, she has been promoting oriental aesthetics and jewellery design in the international arena. Collaborations with numerous renowned global brands and the inclusion of her works in The Chinese Design Year Book (2017-2018) are among the most notable highlights of her career.

Adept at infusing the spirit of the Chinese literati into jewellery design, Sun Chin puts emphasis on simplicity, elegance, and purity when working with colour, leaving unlimited space for imagination. In her eyes, beautiful jewellery should exude subtle sophistication without flaunting wealth, while also being an extension of refined values and aesthetic taste. An advocate of the Oriental Neo-Renaissance, SUNCHIN DESIGN creates pieces which combine the meek and humble spirit of the East, diverging significantly from the resplendence of Western jewellery design. The designer’s works are elegant, minimalist, yet imbued with profundity, expressing complexity through simplicity. Sun Chin combines the natural appearance of flora and fauna with gold, fusing them with high-end jewellery design to present nature in its most authentic form through style, while expanding the possibilities of the use of gold in luxury jewellery through a brand new visual perspective.

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