Mihaela Ciubotaru


Mihaela Ciubotaru is a Swiss-trained jewellery design graduate of HEAD – Genève with a background in art and design at UAD Cluj Napoca and scientific studies at CNVA Galati.

Her work is inspired by a great curiosity towards human nature in relation to our environment and the observable Universe. She believes in diversity, collaboration and her main interest is to create pieces of jewellery that connect to the imagination of the beholder, becoming the extension of one’s personality. Sustainable and ethical design are the vision and she aspires to create objects with emotional value capable of transmitting states of mind. From this research was born Personne.design, a project about human value. 

The pieces are recognized by their intricate details given by the INTERLACE technique which provides each and every one of them with its own DNA and storyline. From a simple gold or silver wire to the final piece the process is depicted on their Instagram account personne.design


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Mihaela Ciubotaru's work

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